Multifunctional dog leash

Multifunctional dog leash


• Hands-free
• Over the shoulder
• Walking or running leash
• Double leash for walking 2 dogs: 2.00m / 2.50 m
• Long leash: 1.75 m. / 2.10 m.
• Mid-size leash: 1. 45 m. / 1.75 m.
• Traffic leash: 1.10 m. / 1.35 m. 

Hardware colour
Snap type
Leash length
  • Overview

    Each and every product in the Sighthound Squad collection is crafted with love and designer touch.
    For dogs and cats waterproof and vegan products from Biothane.

    Sighthound Squad designed for your doggo something on fleek and so durable, that it will blow your mind. It's a waterproof collar and leash which is perfect for dogs who love to run in muddy fields, bath in swamps, float in all the watery things and in the end look fabulous. BioThane simply wipes clean and doesn't absorb dirt or smell, it means that you are finally free from cleaning, drying and protecting your pooch stunning collar. You two now can enjoy all weathers, environments and adventures, without fear to damage this beautiful collar and leash form Beta BioThane! This revolutionary material has look and feel of leather, but made of strong polyester webbing that is coated in PVC and doesn’t need any maintenance at all. It outperforms leather, standard nylon or other material leashes and collars in the worst conditions and has a breaking strength of 1000lbs per square inch. We call it "unicorn leather" because it’s a magical substance and vegan approved. BioThane is the trusted brand for sports leagues, space, and military organizations and it’s a product of the USA.


    Adjusts to:
    • Tether to pole
    • Short tether to Pole
    • Hands-free
    • Over the shoulder
    • Walking or running leash
    • Double leash for walking 2 dogs: 2m.
    • Long leash: 1.75 m.
    • Mid-size leash: 1. 45 m.
    • Traffic leash: 1.10 m.

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