All metal gear - buckles, snaps, rivets or d-rings will be repaired them at no charge.


This warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship only and does not cover normal wear and tea, damage caused by your dog or any other event beyond our control. Examples of normal wear an tear would be scratches or dings on studs, patterns and/or natural ageing of the hardware, including scuffing or any colour changes. Corrosion of nickel or coloured hardware is not covered by the warranty.

Examples of damage caused by your dog would be d-rigs that have broken or biothane that has ripped due to undue stress, such as a collar/leash used to tether a dog, items that have been chewed by your dog or items that are ill-suited to particular size/breed of dog.


Depending upon the complexity of your repair, the timeframe can vary, but most repairs are finished within 5-10 days from the dare return shipping is paid. For more complex items, it may take up to 2 weeks.


Our collars and leashes are not designed to be used as 'tie out' gear. Damage caused by using any of our products to tether a dog will not be covered under warranty.

Please be sure to purchase items from a manufacturer that designs products specifically for that purpose.


We accept to repair of your items, but we do not cover shipping costs to or from our shop.

All repair requests must have submitted a repair form . We will be in touch within 72 hours to verify your repair. We may ask for you to send us photos of the damaged product beforehand.

Sighthound Squad is not be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including but nor limited to : defect in material or workmanship, misuse or improper use of products, accident or death regardless of the cause, negligent or faulty design. Each costumer is responsible for determining the suitability of all Sighthound Squad products for they individual situation and needs. The costumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and/or using these products. Please always check all of your gear before use.